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Zip2it Handyman Services

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For over fifteen years, Zip2it Handyman has been helping home owners in New London County with a variety of home repairs and house maintenance projects.

We build decks, handle exterior house painting and interior painting projects, install windows and doors, for new window installations and window replacements, fix plaster and do sheetrock repairs, install fences, clean gutters, do concrete work fixing stairs and sidewalks when they get cracked by starting over and doing the concrete installation properly so that it won’t crack again, kitchen countertop installations, bathroom tile, shower, sink, and toilet replacements, roofing and roof repairs, replace furnace, seal garage doors, and even cutting and stacking wood - Just to name a few things we do to keep your house in good repair.

We do small jobs, such as: plaster repairs, maintenance, including seasonal house maintenance, door knobs, seals for door sealing, window washing, sound proofing, gutter cleaning, etc.

We do big jobs, such as: interior painting, exterior painting, sheetrock repairs, door installations, window installation, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, etc.

You don’t have to worry anymore about those pesky home improvement projects that you don’t have the time or experience to fix yourself. We get jobs done quickly and on time, within an affordable budget you can afford.

We can come once a month, once per season, or once per year to help you with your house maintenance projects that seem like neverending work for you. This can be set up on a schedule so that you never even have to think about the long list of cleaning filters, updating maintenance of the big appliances in the basement, cleaning the gutters, making sure you will not have a house fire or the roof falling down during a rainy day! Call us to get the home improvement handy man help you need around the house.

We always zip to it for fast handyman house repairs while offering you the best advice at affordable CT handy man prices. Great customer service is always our aim.

What We Do

Zip2it Handyman services done right so that your home improvement, construction, and house maintenance tasks are repaired quickly.


Exterior house painting and interior painting walls and ceilings are big projects that are time consuming for home owners trying to do things themselves. Instead, hire an affordable professional with twenty years experience and steady hands that does a great job painting the outside and inside of homes. Get that curb appeal that you have always wanted and welcome your friends and family over this year to a beautiful home you are proud to own.


We can repair any parts of your home that need to be fixed, such as drywall that had a leak and need to be replaced and painted, ceiling or plaster in disrepair, sheetrock, framing, insulating, rotted sheetrock repairs, sound proofing, and whatever else you need fixed around your house. We can keep your home functioning as well as it is supposed to without you ever having to lift a finger to do any of the work to fix your home.


Do you need a deck or railing or an additional step? Do you need to add a window or a door where there is not one now? We can add to the value and convenience of your home with construction carpentry, new window installation, new door installation, window replacement upgrade, framing, installing insulation in the attic or basement, taking down a wall and putting up walls to build a room addition on your house, giving you the space you need.


Are you looking to redo the tiling or carpeting on your floors? We can replace damaged individual tiles or take out the old and make it all new again with brand new tile or carpet in any room of your home. Do you want to replace your kitchen cabinets or remodel your kitchen or bathroom, but you cannot afford the hefty price tag contractors charge? Hire us to get the new kitchen you have been dreaming of - at around half the cost of the other guys!


From lights to popcorn ceilings to painting, we can get your ceilings and walls looking fabulous. We remove old sheetrock and then install new insulation, providing better sound proofing weather proofing, including framing around vents, putting in and taking out walls, windows, and doors, plastering and painting, so every room in your home is exactly as energy efficiency and functional as you need it to be. Set up a free consultation now.


It is that time of year again when the gutters need cleaning so they work like they should keeping rain out of your home. We clean gutters to protect you. The list of house maintenance projects may seem like a daunting neverending battle when you don’t have a maintenance man doing all that work for you! You could be having fun every weekend enjoying your home with barbeques and game nights instead of doing house maintenance, so call us.


Curb appeal is of utmost importance, but the house can look grimy with the Connecticut weather showing on your vinyl or wood siding. We can power wash the house too. We do roofing, roof repairs, lawn maintenance, cutting wood, stacking wood, sealing the garage door to keep the heat inside the house and the summer heat outside, concrete work, steps, sidewalks, bathrooms, kitchens, deck builder, handrails, handicap ramp, fencing. Get a quote...


One of our specialties is exterior house painting, house repairs, and upgrades to the outside of your house. We can put in a deck, build a porch or breezeway from the garage, install new vinyl house siding for you, put up a car port, gazebo or arbor. We handle everything it takes to make the outside of your house look gorgeous so you can enjoy your yard as well...

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